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I have found one of my favorite places and it's right in the heart of Concord. It's The Depot at Gibson Mill.

Once a thriving cotton mill, The Depot has now become a thriving antique mall. The building has been renovated to make it very comfortable with heating and air conditioning. The original floors, walls, windows and doors have been cleaned and polished. Character is abundant in this place and it's like walking through time.

The Depot is bustling with activity, life, and treasures of the past. Even though I visited on a weekday, I had to drive around twice to get a parking spot. Once inside, I was greeted by smiling faces, music from the Avett Brothers and the wonderful cooking aroma of TJ's Diner.

One of the things I noticed the most is how clean this place is. The inventories are switched out regularly, so nothing gets stale or dusty. The layouts are beautiful and I found myself lingering and reminiscing at most of the booths.

I only allowed myself one hour to walk the mall because I was short of time, but if you want a true experience, you'll need to plan for several hours. Make sure you take a snack or lunch break in between. You'll cover a lot of miles at this place. Oh, and bring comfy shoes!

I'll be back...

A Little Shopping Adventure...

My parents are in town, so we decided to take a little shopping trip to The Depot at Gibson Mill in Concord, NC. I’ve heard about it for a while, but have never found time to go. But, since we had a three kid to three adult ratio (while the older ones were in school), we decided to pack snacks and bottles and give it a try.


This place is huge.  It goes on and on and on. . . (Over 88,000 square feet!)  My heart started racing a little when we got there at the prospect of looking through this much stuff :)  I actually went with a mental shopping list—although I didn’t find any it.  So, I just took pictures of things that caught my eye along the way.

Pretty ferns in galvanized tubs.


Lot of great mirrors.

I thought this might be a fun storage piece for the boys’ bathroom, but it was out of my price range.  (Overall, I thought the prices were pretty good.)

These big cow canvases were only around $45.

There’s something about this I liked.  Maybe for a wall on our patio?

This pagoda mirror would be great in a bright color hanging in a powder room.


Lots of fabric remnants.  Love the one in the bottom of the picture.

And, this.  But, I have nowhere to put it. . .

Painted drawers.  Cute bookshelf storage.

I’m always on the lookout for art.

Just kidding.  I wanted to see if you’re still paying attention.

I could’ve spent more time looking through these colorful dishes. . .

But, someone had almost reached her limit.

Loved this chair.  Kind of kicking myself for not getting it.  $45!

(In her defense, we were there for three hours.)

We made it out just before this bird attacked my mom’s head.



All of this, and I left with a plant. 

I’d consider this more of a scouting trip, but I plan to go back—solo. 


When you shop for treasure, do you shop with a list—or with an open mind?

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The Depot at Gibson Mill

I tend to go towards retail therapy when I'm down in the dumps (and I know I'm NOT alone!). So, today I thought it was fitting to do just that. After all, Nathan is on his way to the airport, I can't hang out with him, so I might as well do something!

I heard about this place from a lady setting up her booth at another antique store in Cornelius, NC. I never pay attention to the cards that hang out by the register at stores, but after this trip, I'm going to start! Ladies, and gents if you like, The Depot at Gibson Mill Antique & Designer Mall = auhmazing!! It took me 6 hours to go through it all, and I bet I didn't see everything! It's like Ikea for antiques, with a little cafe corner and all!

origanal rock 'em sock 'em! WHAT! and a VW bus bird house, yes please! :D

It's a MUST if you are into vintage, antiques, collectibles and browsing! You know it's a good place when there are shopping carts, not just hand held baskets! :D Here are just a few of my finds from this trip (it being my first, I didn't want to go too crazy!)

magazine rack I couldn't pass up!
how cute is this condiment server!?
it's salt & pepper time!

Also purchased some lace dollies and random lace fabrics. Those will be in a future project post! :) I can't wait to come back here and see what else I can dig up! It's so exciting finding new-to-me, old-to-someone-else things! Better than going to any department store and buying something your 5 neighbors all can have, that's for sure!

The Queen’s Gems

Have you ever happened onto a shopping "gem" that you just couldn't wait to tell all of your friends and colleagues about? That is what happened to us when we discovered The Depot at Gibson Mill, the largest antique mall in the south. This antique and designer mall is located a short 25 minute drive from downtown Charlotte off of Interstate 85 in Concord, NC. With its grand opening on March 1st, 2010, The Depot has quickly become popular for consumers interested in antiques, collectibles, imports, furniture and an eclectic mix of everything in between. When we visited, we saw bolts of designer fabrics, an antique dollhouse, an entire booth full of glass beakers and test tubes, and a collection of LP records. There are 450 booths located in over 88,000 square feet of space formerly occupied by the old Cannon Mills Plant 6. The original structures on the site were constructed as the Gibson Mill in the late 1800s making gingham fabric. Its oldest parts date to 1913, said George Liles Jr., one of the owners of the Gibson Mill complex and a partner in the antique mall. He and three partners bought the site out of the Pillowtex bankruptcy in 2004, and its three buildings now house offices, an event center and other businesses. The space is bright with 20 foot ceilings, wide planked wood floors and exposed brick walls.

In addition to the antiques, there is a design center with a showroom and a 52-seat café called T.J.'s offering burgers, sandwiches and salads that sources its food from local farmers and producers. The Auto Barn Classic Car Storage and Sales Center displays classics and connects buyers with sellers. The event center is called the Vintage Motor Club and provides space for groups up to 1,000 with catering for weddings, conventions, business meetings, charity events and race functions. All of this is located only minutes from Charlotte Motor Speedway and the University area with easy access via the interstate and highways 29 and 49.

So treat yourself with a drive to The Depot and surprise those great antique hounds in your family with this little gem! You (and they) will be amazed at the quantity and variety of options – truly something for everyone in the family. While there, why not try TJ's for lunch? When we visited, we enjoyed a delicious salad and a great quesadilla, all made freshly when ordered and in more than adequate quantity for the price.

For more information, visit the website or call 704-787-9351. And for your GPS, the address is: 325 McGill Avenue, Suite 250 Concord NC 28026. Exit 52, Poplar Tent Road east toward Concord. Hours are Monday – Saturday 10 – 7, Sunday 1-6.

Information provided by Charlotte Crown Guides 704-562-5350

The Largest Antique Mall in the South - The Depot at Gibson Mill in Concord, NC

In your travels across the Southland over the next few weeks and months, there is an antique & designer mall that you must take the time to visit! It is located in a renovated mill in Concord, North Carolina. It is called The Depot at Gibson Mill. It is an antique lovers dream! The building is more than 88,000 square feet, and has over 550 booths. It is awesome!

The building itself is beautiful. When they renovated the structure, they maintained the original brick walls, and old wood plank flooring. As a lover of old archituecture, just walking around the building is fun for me! They call it 'A step in the future, a Foot in the Past', because in addition to antique and vintage items for sale, there are interior designers that have their offerings there as well.

The Depot is open 7 days a week, and has a restaurant on site. They even have a room called 'The Man Cave' where you can sit and watch sporting events on a big screen television while your other half can shop to their hearts content. What a great idea! They also have a very friendly staff that will help you load all of your treasures into your car. Now that is what I call service!

It is located at 325 McGill Avenue NW, close to the Charlotte Motor Speedway, and I-85. They are open Mon-Sat 10am to 7pm, and Sundays from 1pm to 6pm. For more information, logo onto their website at

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